«Paint & Coatings Industry»


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№4 / 2011

Feature this issue: Results achieved by the Russian paint & coatings industry in 2010. Raw materials for emulsion paints. Review of INTERLAKOKRASKA' 2011

Industry news

Raw materials and paint & coatings market

Main trends of global titanium dioxide market in 2010

Review of the results achieved by the Russian paint & coatings industry in 2010 — O.N. Skorokhodova


Supply of high-performance raw materials for Russian market — the foreground task of the first-rate foreign companies

>Modern raw materials

High-performance water based polyurethane paint & coatings for metal protection — Ch. Irle, R. Reyer, R. Roschu, Th. Stingl, M.N. Bulanov

Functional additives AFCONA® used for industrial water based paint & coatings — N. Hannemann, A.S. Gusev


Season for paint & coatings producers has begun during the Strousib Exhibition— E.E. Kazakova, O.N. Skorokhodova

The Interbranch Council RSPP of the chemical production, dedicated the problems of technical regulation in paint & coatings industry — N.V. Majorova, T.N. Spirina, S.P. ErmilovThe self-regulated organization is the alliance of responsible paint & coatings produsers — S.P. ErmilovINTERLAKOKRASKA' 2011 Exhibition — the traditional meeting of Russian paint & coa-tings producers

New products

Silicon composition VVM-M for protection of building structures against weather impacts — V.P. Lobkovskiy, G.I. Polinskiy, I.V. Evseev, V.F. Stepanova, S.E. Sokolova, A.L. Polushkin

Suppliers for the paint manufacturing industry