«Paint & Coatings Industry»


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№6 / 2011

Feature this issue: Biocides for paint & coatings production. Review of exhibition Paint & Coatings within the bounds of Mosbuild 2011

Industry news

Raw materials and paint & coatings market

Preliminary data of paint & coatings production in the first quarter of 2011

European paint & coatings producers invest in emerging markets

Modern raw materials

CLP Regulation and its impact on the labeling of dry film biocides — D. Ogden

Innovation biocide systems for long-term coatings protection from fungi and algae — Dr. Th. WunderNuosept® BIC — preservative for water based paints free from formaldehyde — Gilles Pradier, R.Yu. KuftinPreservatives for paint & coatings industry — Dr. F. Sauer

Towards the International Year of Chemistry

Chemistry is my life

Association «Centrlack» informs

Self-regulation in Russia was happen — S.P. Ermilov

About the necessity of creating of self-regulable organization in paint & coatings industry — S.P. ErmilovProfessional education and self-regulable organizations — S.P. Ermilov


«Mosbuild 2011» demonstrated the effectiveness of investments in the development of building industry

Suppliers for the paint manufacturing industry