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№9 / 2011

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Industry news

Raw materials and paint & coatings market

Global resins market

New types of coatings

Marine paint & coatings produced by holding company “Pigment”. P. II. Smart coatings – A.S. DrinbergThe problems of application of smart technologies in pain & coatings industryProgress in the smart coatings area (review of foreign press)New generation of self-healing 2K polyurethane materials – V. Fisher, T. Klimmash, H. Kuchevsky, M. Mehtel, M. Melhiors, N. Iuva, A. Tehada, M. Almato, B. Vega, M.N. BulanovThe principles of development of paint & coatings with the optical properties outside the frame of the visible region - E.F. Itsko, A.S. Drinberg

Association “Centrlack” informs

Informational maintenance of SRO action – S.P. Ermilov

Suppliers of paint & coatings industry