«Paint & Coatings Industry»


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№1-2 / 2012

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Raw materials and paint & coatings market

US paint & coatings producers were tired of drastic TiO2 cost risesEurozone prospect uncertainty during the new yearSituation and growth of Russian paint & coatings market – V.N. Abramov

New types of coatings

Eco-friendly paint & coatings and technology (overview of foreign press)

Towards the international year of chemistry

Carried away with profession

New products

Paint & coatings of “Tserta” company for durable protective coatings – S.I. Tolstosheeva

Powder coatings

Polyesters for powder paints – S.V. Gedzira, A.D. Yakovlev

Branch problems

Self-regulation within the branch. What problems one can solve by creation of SRO – S.P. Ermilov


53-th Meeting of Council of Russian Chemist’s UnionInternational conference in YaroslavlThe International exhibitions and conferences

Technologies of anticorrosion protection

Technical service and repair of protective coatings organization on the PC “Gasprom” objects – I.Ju. Rebrov, A.Ju. Boitsov

Advanced training

Conception of multilevel system of specialist’s education in the field of anticorrosion protection of PC “Gasprom” objects – A.S. KuznechikovSeminar-workshop “European equipment and technologies of coatings application” – N.V. Majorova, N.N. Bogachev

Association “Centrlack” informs

About of necessity of moral motivation of branch specialists – S.P. Ermilov

Suppliers of paint & coatings industry