«Paint & Coatings Industry»


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№1-2 / 2014

Feature this issue: Architectural paint & coatings: production and application

Industry news

Branch problems

Development strategy of Russia Paint & Coatings Industry till 2030


Native architectural paint & coatings production: development or downturn?

Modern raw materials

New highly performing associative acrylic thickener for water borne architectural coatings― V. Mentzer

New trends in architectural paint & coatings production (overview of foreign press)

Technologies and equipment

Crystalline structure and mechanical properties of the beads on the base of zirconium dioxide ― I.P. Kazakov, M.V. Krylova

Paint & coatings for special application

Special coatings «Tserta» – high-temperature corrosion prevention – S.I. Tolstosheeva

Suppliers of paint & coatings industry