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№5 / 2015

Feature this issue:Pigments & Fillers   

Industry news

Modern raw materials

  • Pigments and colorants for wood coatings in AFAYA assortment – L.U. Buziner
  • Effect pigments for beginners and lateral entrants. Part 1 - O. Kipfmüller, V. Lederer

A little about History

  • Pigments used for finishing the ship Vasa – A.S. Drinberg


  • INTERLAKOKRASKA’ 2015: the main trend is import substitution
  • The First Competition of Young Scientists: relevance and high level of papers - О.N. Skorokhodova

Research & Development

  • First new Zinc-polymer coatings obtained by innovative method: a combination of cathodic electrodeposition of commercial amine polyelectrolyte and electrolytic recovery of zinc– A.V. Pavlov, M.Yu. Kvasnikov, I.F. Utkina, Yu.V. Milyutina

  • The study of influence of zinc powder dispersivity on the protective properties of coatings – E.G. Drogan, V.E. Burlakova

  • Preparation and properties of thermochromic coating based on coordination compounds of iron (II) – L.F. Abrosimova

  • Activation of kaolin, as a factor of increase the basic technological and adhesion characteristics of the protective styrene-acrylic coating to the metal and concrete surfaces – М.О. Amelchenko

  • Innovative epoxy resins for can coating - E.V. Buligina, V.V. Kostin

  • The investigation of dispersing process of pigment with the domestic polyesters - O.A. Drozdova

  • Modification of waterborne composition, applied by electrodeposition – А.К. Morokhina, К.Е. Moiseeva

  • Formulation of epoxy protecting coatings based on solventborne and waterborne compositions - A.M. Mukhametova

  • The development of high-performance antireflective coatings based on modern nanocomposite materials - V.E. Katnov

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