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№6 / 2015

Feature this issue: Functional additives. Anticorrosion coatings

Industry news

Raw materials and paint & coatings market

  • Situation in the Asia-Pacific paint & coatings market

Modern raw materials

  • OMG Borchers dryers and its using - E.A. Pavlov
  • New developments in functional additives field (overview of foreign press)
  • Effect pigments for beginners and lateral entrants. Part 2. - O. Kipfmüller, V. Lederer

Technologies of anticorrosion protection

  • Shop-primers for shipbuilding – A.S. Drinberg, I.A. Udenko

Research & Development

  • Copolymers of glycidylmethacrylate for production of hydrophobic polymer coatings on the surface of paper and woven materials- E.V. Bryuzgin, V.V. Klimov, L.D. Man, A.V. Navrotskij, I.A. Novakov
  • Epoxy oligoetherphosphatphthalates – catalysts and inhibitors of curing of high solids powder phenol-formaldehyde binders – E.P. Konstantinova, O.E. Golitzina
  • Fluorine-organosilicone copolymers – perspective waterproofing agents for epoxy coatings – M.A. Soldatov
  • New protective varnishes and enamels for can inner surface painting – N.M. Filatova
  • One-pot conformal coatings of UV-curing for moisture protection electronic devices - O.E. Babkin, M.I. Chumakov, A.V. Sokovishin, V.V. Nechistyak, E.V. Mahova
  • Modification of water acrylic dispersions by polyaniline dispersions – N.V. Kochkina
  • Nickel based polymer-metal coatings produced by cathode coelectrodeposition – O.A. Romanova
  • UV-curing intumescent polymer coatings – E.D. Voinolovich
  • Enzyme resistance and biostability of hydroxyalkylated cellulose and galactomannan as thickeners in waterborne paints - S. Cheroni
  • New quantitative analysis and standardization methods of  epoxy-phenol composites and raw materials for it production – M.S. Babichuk, E.P. Konstantinova


  • Results of the Mosbuild-2015 exhibition

Suppliers of paint & coatings industry