«Paint & Coatings Industry»


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№9 / 2016

Feature this issue:    Binders for paint & coatings                          September

Technologies and equipment

Industry news

6, 40

Modern raw materials

14        Influence of binder on wood coatings properties – N.G. Kulikova

18        Binders for modern paint & coatings (overview of foreign press)

Paint & Coatings for special application

26        Organosilicon intumescence coatings. P.1. Distinctive features and thermal behavior of binder – A.V. Pavlovich, A.S. Drinberg

Technologies and equipment

32        Effective technology of paint production – V.S. Kaverinsky, D.V. Kaverinsky

35        Application of industrial paint & coatings on the robotic conveyers – A.S. Drinberg, I.A. Udenko


38        Innovation protective coatings in NPK PK “Pigment” seminar

46        Suppliers of paint & coatings industry