«Paint & Coatings Industry»

№10/11 2016

Feature this issue:               Adhesives & sealants                        October-November

6          Industry news

Modern raw materials

12        Water-repellent materials for wood protection

Paint & Coatings for special application

16        Organosilicon intumescence coatings. P. II. The main types, properties and application areas - A.V. Pavlovich, A.S. Drinberg

22        Adhesives and Sealants. Special issue

22        Adhesives and sealants market

23        Henkel allocate silicone sealants production in Russia

24        Development of UV-curing adhesive composition - O.E. Babkin, A.V. Zhdanova

27        New native developments in adhesives and sealants area (Thesises of II international science-technical conference “Modern progress in adhesives and sealants area: materials, raw materials, technologies”)

27          Investigation of modificating additives influence on water resistance of adhesives on the base of polyvinylacetate dispersion - M.A. Kabina, E.A. Zacharychev

28          PU adhesives on the base of aminopolyols with improved environmental safety - S.S. Kriushenko, A.A. Listvina, A.O. Styunina, E.A. Antipova, N.P. Korotkova

29        Fillers influence on sealants on the base of organosilicon polyurethanes properties - I.A. Petlin, Ju.N. Khakimullin, A.I. Kurkin, A.G. Minsafina

30        Epoxy adhesive of cold curing with increased elasticity for heterogeneous materials agglutination - G.V. Ribachuk, Z.S. Khamidulova, N.A. Ustyuzhantseva, O.G. Zhdanova, V.S. Smirnov

31        Influence physical, chemical and physical-chemical fillers-kaolins modification on the adhesion and cohesion characteristics of filled styrene-acrylic protective coatings - M.O. Amelchenko, A.A. Gudaerova, V.F. Stroganov

32        Influence of linkage degree of acrylic adhesives of constant stickness on the characteristics of adhesive joining - A.P. Safronov, R.R. Mansurov

32        Intermolecular interaction on the interface between the acrylic adhesive of constant stickness and steel - A.P. Safronov, R.R. Mansurov

33        Structural acrylic adhesive for various materials agglutination - N.A. Ustyuzhantseva, D.A. Aronovich, O.G. Zhdanova, G.A. Zhukova

35        “Centrlak” informs

35        25 years of work in the new economic reality - G.V. Averianov

36        Import replacing of chemical raw materials for paint & coatings production - G.V. Averianov

37        Association news


39        PCF “Orghimprom”: 20 years on the Russian market of emulsion polymers

40        Branch specialists meeting in Altay

44        International exhibition “Chemistry 2016”

47        Suppliers of paint & coatings industry