«Paint & Coatings Industry»

№5/ 2017

Feature this issue:     Protective coatings for different application areas               May

Industry news

6, 36

Modern raw materials

10        Chlorinated polymers for paint production Yu.V. Galkina

Technologies of anticorrosion protection

14        New developments of protective coatings (overview of foreign press)

Paint & Coatings for special application

20        Intumescent coatings on the base of melamine formaldehyde resins. Part II. The main types, properties and application areas A.V. Pavlovich, M.V. Rammo

Research & Development

28  Heat-conducting copper-polymer coatings obtained by the cathodic electrodeposition method - А.А. Silaeva, M.Yu. Kvasnikov

29  Metalloporphyrins as the catalysts of curing process electrodeposited coatings - К.Е. Moiseeva, А.К. Morokhina

30  Investigation of the properties of compositions and coatings MOL-110 - А.P. Baranov

31  Synthesis of iron oxide pigments with using of biogenic goethite - О.N. Suvorova, М.V. Skopintseva, Е.А. Indeykin

32     Modification of alkyd oligomers by polyaniline - А.Yu. Zolotova, V.G. Kurbatov

33        Production of stable combined aqueous dispersions the based on acrylic copolymers and polyaniline А.S. Vorontsova, V.G. Kurbatov


34        9-th International Exhibition «POLYURETHANEX 2017»

48        International exhibitions 2017

46        Suppliers of paint & coatings industry