«Paint & Coatings Industry»

№6/ 2017

Feature this issue: Pigments and Fillers June

Coatings for special application

Industry news

5, 48

Raw materials and paint & coatings market

12 Leading European paint & coatings manufactures

13 Marine and aircrafts paint & coatings: market trends and innovation materials

Modern raw materials

18 JSC “Pigment” expands organic pigments range

20 New pigments and fillers for paint & coatings production (overview of foreign press)

Paint & Coatings for special application

24 Intumescent coatings on the base of urea-formaldehyde resins A.V. Pavlovich, A.S. Drinberg

Association “Centrlack” inform

36 The solution means of branch actual problems – G.V. Averianov

New products

38 Anticorrosion coating without priming on the urea resin base for insulation of nonlinear parts and closure systems of oil-and-gas pipelines – I.A. Susorov, M.V. Chadov

Research & Development

41 Import substituting epoxy-phenolic compositions for canning containers - A.N. Demina, N.A. Apanovich, Z.A. Kochnova, O.I. Vasilieva, A.V. Borovkova.

41 Innovation import substituting adhesive varnishes for canning containers protection - M.A. Ustinovskaya, N.E. Sherstneva, N.A. Apanovich

43 Innovation colored enamels for canning containers and industrial packaging - M.A. Ustinovskaya, M.N. Menkina, N.A. Apanovich, V.V. Kostin, A.Yu. Tsareva, O.I. Vasilieva, E.V. Antonovskyi

44 Adhesion and protective material for metal canning containers coatings - N.M. Filatova

45 Innovation import substituting coatings for anticorrosion protection drill tubes used in oil-and-gas industry - S.L. Koryakin, V.A. Gerasin

46 Suppliers of paint & coatings industry