«Paint & Coatings Industry»

№7-8/ 2017

Feature this issue: Wood coatings. Biocides for paint & coatings. July-August

Industry news

5, 40

Raw materials and paint & coatings market

14 The first-rate world paint & coatings producers by result of 2016

16 Paint & coatings for wood protection foreign market trends

Modern raw materials

18 New binders for wood coatings – Yu.V. Galkina

20 Modern progress in biocide for paint & coatings area (overview of foreign press)

23 Nano–titanium dioxide Hombitec application for wood coatings – L.Yu. Buziner

Paint & Coatings for special application

26 Intumescent coatings on the base of phenol-formaldehyde resins. Part 1. Binder thermal behavior – A.V. Pavlovich, V.V. Vladenkov, V.N. Izyumskyi, A.S. Drinberg

36 Biomimetic coatings for special application – V.S. Kaverinskiy, D.V. Kaverinskiy

46 Suppliers of paint & coatings industry


48 International exhibitions 2017

49 Obituary in memory of V.N. Izyumskiy