«Paint & Coatings Industry»

№1-2 / 2018

FEATURE THIS ISSUE:   Modern raw materials, technologies, and equipment for paint & coatings industry             January-February

Industry news

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Raw materials and paint & coatings market

14        Development of the global coatings market in 2018

Modern raw materials

18        Aliphatic polyisocyanates Desmodur®: the latest achievements in the field of development of environmentally friendly crosslinkers for coatings – B.L. Yeroma

24        Acrylic resins for 2K polyurethane paint & coatings Ju.V. Galkina

26        New paints of SWAN company for building - V.А. Voitovich, V.I. Rudika, S.А. Kulikov, М.V. Мокeeva, P.P. Bogomazov

28        Acrylic dispersion AKRILAN 128 for wood coatings – S.V. Tan

Paint & Coatings for special application

32        Intumescent coatings on the base of vinyl chloride copolymers. Part I. Thermal properties of binders A.V. Pavlovich, V.V. Vladenkov

46        Suppliers of paint & coatings industry


48        International exhibitions and conferences 2018