«Paint & Coatings Industry»

№9 / 2018

Feature this issue:                 Adhesives & sealants                         September

Industry news

5, 44

11        Adhesives and Sealants. Special issue

12        News

14        Influence of the developing economies on the global adhesive and sealants market dynamics

16        The hot-setting adhesives market

17        Emulsions of PKF «Orghimprom» for adhesives production – Т.V. Nikolaeva, O.I. Ermilova, M.V. Bibina, M.P. Badrizlova

22        Novel polyols for high-strength, flexible and durable polyurethane adhesives A. Smits, E. Honcoop

Paint & Coatings for special application

26        Intumescent coatings, containing intercalated graphite. Part I. – A.V. Pavlovich, V.V. Vladenkov

38        Watercolor paints – A.S. Drinberg, T.V. Kalinskaya

47        Suppliers of paint & coatings industry

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